Capsim Final Written Project

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Its the final written project after completion of simulation rounds.

Usually, Capsim simulations are followed by a final written project. This written project is a capstone that integrates the knowledge and skills you have developed in the business core coursework and over the duration of the term. You are required to create an executive summary that highlights the performance of your company from the Capsim simulation, and followed by a professional reflection. This task has a page length of between 15 to 20 pages.

We help you get this task completed by reviewing your Capsim performance and then transitioning it into an executive summary. A detailed reflection is also provided that is based on company’s performance during the reflection rounds. The citation style (in most cases) is selected as APA 6.0. You only need to place one order for this product. Avail discounted price till it lasts.

Project Grading Rubric –> OL421 Final Project


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