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  What is CompXM?

 A simulation-based competency exam, CompXM goes beyond reporting the recall of acquired knowledge. CompXM can be used as a final exam, for curriculum       development and program assessment. It provides a clear picture of how effectively students can use their business acumen to actively manage a business in an   evolving, competitive environment. 

  Relevant and Secure

 On an ongoing basis, subject matter experts rigorously assess all questions posed by CompXM’s simulated board of directors. That process ensures the topics   covered  in the simulation closely relate to contemporary curricula used by business schools around the world. Using an extensive bank of equivalent questions, every   exam is unique because each question is randomized. And since the questions are based on specific responses from each student’s own simulation, there is no   opportunity to share answers.

  How We Can Help!

 The quest of CompXM assigned to you will usually consist of four rounds of simulation and five phases of assessments, also known as board queries. The essence of   this activity is to test out your knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. These five quizzes are complex and related to the decisions being made in four simulation   rounds of CompXM. We are well aware of these requirements and excel at how it all works. You can know how it all works by visiting our web store and purchasing the   CompXM service. If the CompXM assigned to you has no quizzes and just four simulation rounds, then please purchase the CompXM lite service.