Capsim Decisions Notes

Capsim Notes

Capsim is a transition from academic life to a practical one. Our goal is to educate everyone about the workings of Capsim, so they can apply all the knowledge gained from coursework into practical world. For this purpose, we provide explanatory notes of what decisions are being made and why. This insight helps our clients in comprehending the workings of any company in a real-life market segment.

We provide detailed notes explaining what is happening in each round and what different strategies can be designed for future rounds. Since every round of every Capsim is unique, there is no set strategy and each time some changes have to be made. At times strategy needs to be modified with passing rounds. Always remember to be flexible when it comes to decision making.

Here is a sample of what our explanatory notes will look like. They are very informative and we urge every client to add them to their cart when placing order. All the notes are written in English Language and formatted as per the required citation style.

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