Assessments are the most critical part of any online course. Students are judged on the knowledge gained and concepts built throughout the course. Our dedicated team of simulation experts hold years of experience in preparing students for Capsim assessments.

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Apart from the Capsim rounds, there are plenty of quizzes that need to be attempted. Assessments such as situational analysis, HR module quiz, TQM module quiz, labor negotiation quiz, and many more. We here, at The Capsim Help, intend to help you with all of these by preparing you for the challenge.

Assessments list

Introductory Lesson Quiz

This quiz is to test your knowledge of what you learned in the introductory video. We help you explore the Capsim dashboard and which reports to use.

Rehearsal Tutorial

This tutorial is to be taken after attempting the practice round. We help you focus on the sections that are more important for your development.

Situational Analysis

This is perhaps the most complex quiz of them all as it covers variety of areas that you may come across while using Capsim. Our notes will be of extreme importance.

Advanced HR Module Quiz

This quiz is all about the HR module. When using the production department, the role of HR isimperative and we teach how to fulfil that role efficiently.

Advanced TQM Module Quiz

From experience we have learned many students don't focus on TQM and don't invest in it which adversely affects the company's performance. Well, no more!!

Labor Negotiations Quiz

As part of handling the HR module, you will need to negotiate with labor to update their contracts. We guide you how to go about the negotiations effectively.

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We help with all the assessments mentioned above and more; if you have any other assessments related to Capsim, we would be more than glad to help with those too. We encourage personalization with these assessments so please get in touch or chat with us so you may discuss your requirements with our simulation experts one-on-one.