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About Us

At The Capsim Help, we assist you in learning how Capsim works. It is a simulated game where you compete by running a company over several rounds. You are challenged by having to operate different departments and are pressed for your assigned company to perform the best. We are aware of the challenges you have to face when you’re new at it. So to give you a competitive advantage, we help you make decisions for each round and explain how the industry in this simulation works.

Not only do we help you with understanding the game, but also assist with other related activities so you may be the best at it. Check out our services and store to learn more about how we can aid you in excelling at Capsim. You deserve to know how it works!!

Our Mission

Capsim is a business strategy based simulation which is perhaps the perfect transition from academic life to a practical one. Here at The Capsim Help, our mission is to make Capsim comprehensible for all. The objective is to explain this game to everyone so they can better reflect their decisions and fulfill the purpose of attempting Capsim course – learn better.

The Capsim Help

Our Aim

Our aim at The Capsim Help is to make this simulation feel like a breeze for you. We want you to learn how to navigate this game efficiently and to acquire the know-how of Capsim’s working. We take pride in your success and there is nothing  more rewarding than seeing you joyful throughout our sessions.

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